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Personal Website
Simple site consisting of general text, graphics, scripts and photo gallery. (from $800.00)

Group/Organization Website
Sites consisting of general text, graphics and scripts with email list and/or guest book and photo gallery. (from $1000.00)

Business Website (Informational Only)

Sites consisting of general text, graphics, scripts, email list, guest book, photo gallery and informational data only. (from $1500.00)

Business Website (w/ E-Commerce) *
Sites consisting of general text, graphics, scripts, email list, guest book, photo gallery and e-commerce features including a Shopping Cart system. (from $2500.00)

* Most RonJon WebCreations e-Commerce websites use the e-Junkie shopping cart system. e-Junkie pricing plans start at only $5.00/month for up to 10 products and increase depending on how many products will be featured on your site. You will be billed directly by e-Junkie each month on your credit card. We can also build your e-commerce site using your PayPal Business account and the PayPal cart system.


Website Maintenance Plans
A Website is only as useful as the most current information that it contains. That's why website maintenance is so important - it keeps your site current and fresh. Initial General Website Design and Creation includes a FREE 3-month unlimited maintenance plan (Effective September 1, 2009).  We have 3 Maintenance Plans to choose from once your initial 3-Month free trial is over. For details, please see our Website Maintenance Plan section.


Obtaining A Web Host Provider / Domain Name
We can do all the footwork for you in obtaining a Web Host Provider (if you don't already have one) or a Domain Name (

We host all of our websites withx
Seanic Web Hosting 
The best and most affordable web hosting solution on the Internet!

All RonJon WebCreations websites are hosted by which includes their Standard Linux Hosting Package and the annual renewal of your domain name for $46.99/year. We setup your hosting account (and domain name, if you don't have one) for you and you will be billed directly by each year on your credit card.

$  35.00 (Cost to set up your web host provider account and domain name)

Billing / Invoicing

Billing and Invoicing is done on a monthly basis. All invoices are sent via email and all invoices are net 30 days. Invoices that are outstanding for longer than 30 days will result in the disruption of your site, including removal from the server until the invoice is paid in full.

Once your website is up and running, you'll have access to your own Administration Area which will be placed on your server and be password-protected. Here you'll be able to manage most aspects of your site in one convenient place.

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