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Your site can have one of many design styles such as:

  • A Full-Page Design
  • A Dual-Framed Design
  • A Multi-Framed Design

A Website can contain as little as one page or as many pages as you
want depending on the amount of content you'd like to present.

A Website should convey not only the information that you want to present, but present it in a way that reflects your personality, your business, or your group's theme.

Plan on leaving the design and color schemes up to us (and most clients do!). We'll speak to you about how you see your website, the colors, the theme and the type of presence you want to convey.

And any Website can contain any combination of the following:
  • JavaScript Navigational Buttons
  • Graphical Navigational Buttons
  • Navigational Text Links
  • Fill-Out Forms directed to an e-mail address
  • Drop-Down Navigational Boxes
  • Custom-Made Graphics
  • Your own Graphics
  • Website Search Engines
  • Scrolling Text Marquees
  • Banner Ads
  • Graphic Rollovers
  • Dynamic HTML Effects
  • E-Commerce
    Add a professional shopping cart system to your website!
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